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Drow Queen Flower Pendant
By Diana Balogh


The November newsletter and Drow Queen Flower Pendant pattern were emailed 11-19-15 at 9:11 am.


 Drow_Queen_Pendant_Front.jpg     Drow_Queen_Pendant_Back.jpg

 Drow Queen Flower Pendant Front                         Drow Queen Flower Pendant Back

Beaded by Sheila K 




Japanese Toho Seed Beads Size 15/0

Japanese Toho Seed Beads Size 11/0

3mm Swarovski Bicone Crystals - 7 pieces

4mm Fire Polish Beads - 14 pieces

3mm Toho Magatama Beads - 7 pieces

14mm Swarovski Rivoli Type 1122 - 1 piece

8mm Swarovski Chaton Type 1028, SS39 - 7 pieces

Size 12 Beading Needle

Nylon Beading Thread 0.16 mm

Jumpring - 1 piece