August Designer Feature


Kathy Benson

Jumping Mouse Beeds 



Instagram: jumpinmousebeads

FaceBook: Jumping Mouse Beads


How did you find beading, and what do you feel was the “hook” that has kept you beading?

I started beading in 1982 and focused on Native Regalia.  I was hooked then and still am hooked today! What keeps me hooked is all the different ways you can play with beads.


Do you now, or have you in the past, done other forms of creative works, and if so, what mediums?

I was a watercolor artist… but beads took over


What's the best piece of beading advice you've received, and from whom?

Not sure-  I’m always learning something new and there are so many new things to try! I love when a customer says- “hey did you know this?” 


 Your pattern illustration – do you draw your own diagrams?  

I do like to pattern peyote and loom. 


 Is there a particular piece of beadwork or series that you are particularly proud of?  If so, why? (please include jpg(s) if possible)

My fave has got to be my Mermaid.  Maybe because she took so bloody long!


Can you tell us a bit about your creative process, sources of inspiration, work flow, etc?

I do have a suggestion for folks that have ideas swimming in their head-  make notes, take notes, put it on paper before it goes away


Do you have favorite stitches?  Least favorite stitches?

Favorite- Peyote… no least favorite (so far)


What are you working on now?

I have a Bead Embroidery piece sitting on my bead board


Do you have a favorite type of thread, needles, or other supplies?

I’m hooked on SONO right now. Of course, my fav needles are tulips!


Is there something you absolutely must have for beading or designing?

A sense of humor for when that fun design just isn’t working out


Where can our members view your work and find more of your patterns?

On my website: or

Instagram or Facebook: Jumping Mouse Beads