August Designer Feature


Isabella Lam





How did you find beading, and what do you feel was the “hook” that has kept you beading?

I found bead weaving about 15 years ago.  My daughter was beading while I was home with a broken leg. Once I touched them (even though they were plastic) it turned on my imagination and the rest is history. 

Do you now, or have you in the past, done other forms of creative works, and if so, what mediums?

Not really. I found beads in a late stage of my life.

Who are your beading “heros” and why.

Nature is my inspiration. It has the perfect shapes and color combination.

What's the best piece of beading advice you've received, and from whom?

Never really received any bead advice. I learned through beading. I do believe that beads have endless possibilities and they are just waiting for me to create something from them.

Your pattern illustration – do you draw your own diagrams?  Do you use a particular program? Do you use photos?  Do you have a graphic design background?

I draw my own diagrams most of the time using Adobe Illustrator and when I use photos I use Photoshop.  I have no graphic design background.

Is there a particular piece of beadwork or series that you are particularly proud of?  If so, why?

Every piece is unique in its own way. But from time to time some which are more me. Especially those involving nature motifs like SAKURA (flower pictured above).

Do you have beading designs that feature unconventional beading materials?

I love working with Swarovski components. I love Navettes and fancy stones but no unusual shapes. I have in my imagination a structure and I just bead it.

Can you tell us a bit about your creative process, sources of inspiration, work flow, etc?

Once I have an imagination of a piece I want to bead it, I just use every bead that fits in. Other times I am receiving requests to promote some new bead and I just combining traditional beads with new ones to show possibilities.

Do you have favorite stitches?  Least favorite stitches?

Love them all and add my own twist to each one of them. The Cinch stitch is my own development and I find it quite catchy.

What are you working on now?

Now I am preparing my 2019 classes for the upcoming events.

Do you have a favorite type of thread, needles, or other supplies?

Thread – Crystal Fireline 0.15mm / 7.9kg

Needles – Miyuki needles

Is there something you absolutely must have for beading or designing?

Large cup of coffee, background music and tons of beads.

Where can our members view your work and find more of your patterns?