November Designer Feature


Sandra Scholte








How did you find beading, and what do you feel was the “hook” that has kept you beading?

- I’ve been playing with beads since I was a young girl, but beadweaving techniques were unknown in The Netherlands back then. I first got into contact with them the first time in the early 90’s when Bead & Button magazine were available at our bookstores, I’ve been completely hooked ever since.


Do you now, or have you in the past, done other forms of creative works, and if so, what mediums?

- I’ve done all kinds of creative things like knitting, cross stitching, crochet and sewing in the past, but I always got back to the beads. I do still sow Victorian style dresses sometimes to wear at Fantasy Fairs completed with my own jewelry of course.


Who are your beading “heros” and why.

- I don’t really have heros, but I do admire many designers for their style and use of stitches and materials.


Your pattern illustration – do you draw your own diagrams?  Do you use a particular program? Do you use photos?  Do you have a graphic design background?

- Every pattern I make is all my own work. When I design a piece I take photos of the progress that I can use later on to help me draw the diagrams. The diagrams are made in Adobe Illustrator, a professional graphic design program. I do have a graphic design background creating websites, advertisements, logos and signmaking.


Can you tell us a bit about your creative process, sources of inspiration, work flow, etc?

- My work is mostly inspired by the Victorian period, and I get inspired by garments, fabrics, colorways and of course jewelry of that period.

A new piece usually grows on me while I work on it, I start with something that most times won’t get anywhere, but sometimes it turns into something good. I have boxes filled with UFO’s proving all the attempts. 


Do you have favorite stitches?  Least favorite stitches?

- I use a variety of stitches in my work like peyote, Herringbone and CRAW, and I love them all. It depends on what I want a piece to look like for me to decide on which stitch I’ll use.


Where can our members view your work and find more of your patterns?

- I have an Etsy shop where I only sell patterns: TrinketsBeadwork, and I have my own webshop where you can purchase patterns, kits and beading materials: