Elections Information


The next term is January 2020 - December 2020


To be elected, an officer must be a member in good standing.  Membership in good standing is maintained by paying annual dues and representing the NGBS in a positive manner and must attend 4 or more general meetings in a calendar year will be considered in good standing.




Please note that 2020 is the final year for NGBS. 

No patterns will be emailed to membership. 

Patterns will be handed out at meeting to attending

NGBS members, no exceptions.

We will be beading every month as a group.

Sorry, no new members accepted for 2020, only

renewals will be accepted.

No renewal membership dues accepted after

Jan 31, 2020. 


 We are pleased to announce the following slate of officers for the 2019-2020 term.  All candidates ran unopposed, so no election was necessary.

                   President   -   Sheila Kirby **Open in January**

                   Vice President, Membership and Vendor Relations   -  Melinda Watkins

                   Vice President, Programs and Special Events   -   ** Open in June **

                   Vice President, Website and Social Media   -   Robin Guerra **Open in January**

                   Secretary   -   Robin Smith **Open in January**

                   Treasurer   -   Valerie Richards **Open in January**


Thank you, ladies, for stepping up and helping to ensure the continued success of the North Georgia Bead Society!


                                                                  *     *     *     *     *     *

All elected officers are required to attend board meetings and membership meetings.

It is expected that all officers have working knowledge of computers with the ability to create and edit email, word processing and spreadsheet files.

Description of Duties of Officers

The President shall:

•Preside over all board and general membership meetings and shall prepare the agenda for all meetings

•Serve as chief executive of the NGBS and coordinate all activities

•Serve as official representative of the NGBS

•Serve as ex-officio member of all committees.

•President shall vote only in the event of a tie vote

•President can delegate or designate a Vice President to attend meetings in place of President

•Authorize payment of money from the Treasurer for unplanned budget expense of under $100.00 and with the approval of the board for amounts over $100.00

•Sign NGBS dispersal checks when needed

•Acts as liaison with other bead societies

•Deliver opening remarks at member meetings

•Assist board members and instructors when needed at member meetings

•Prepare annual survey and results

•With Secretary, locate and finalize alternate meeting locations

•Writes monthly newsletter to members with pattern instructions. The webmaster will email to members.

•Answer emails from members or forward email to appropriate board member for follow up

•Serve as a member

•Back up Treasurer when needed.


The Vice-President of Membership and Vendor Relations shall:

•Preside at any general member meetings or board meetings in the absence of the President

•Provide appropriate information to the Secretary in a timely fashion

•Perform duties as assigned by the President and Board of Directors

•Coordinate public relations for the NGBS and act as NGBS interface with local shop owners

•Monitor sign in table at member meetings and conduct visual head count

•Maintain all membership applications, business cards and literature

•Print and provide members with name tags and membership cards in a timely manner

•Communicate via email with visitors and new members after membership meetings

•Maintain up to date membership records on membership information sheet, with names, addresses, work, mobile and home phone numbers, email addresses and dues payment dates

•Provide up to date membership listing of paid and lapsed members at board meetings

•Serve as a member

•Back up President as needed.


The Secretary shall:

•Record the proceedings of the board meetings and annual business meeting with members and shall make them available by email to board members within seven business days

•Keep copies of the following NGBS records:

•Minutes of each meeting

•Update and maintain official copies of corporate Bylaws

•Update and maintain official copies of corporate Operating Procedures

•Maintain Articles of Incorporation

•Coordinate and schedule meeting locations

•Assist instructor at member meetings

•Serve as a member

•Back up Vice President of Programs and Special Events as needed.


The Treasurer shall:

•Collect, deposit and process all monies received from NGBS activities, including membership dues, proceeds from raffles, books sales, library payments, shows, workshops and any and all other income

•Keep accurate records of receipts and payments

•Reconcile bank statements

•Submit required Federal, State and County forms and any associated payments.

•Validate and provide reimbursement of expenses upon presentation of proof of payment or when otherwise authorized by the President

•At the January annual business meeting, Treasurer shall be prepared to discuss financial statements; Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Budget

•Maintain copies of financial reports for a period of 10 years

•Coordinate with the President to prepare a yearly budget draft to be completed by the January annual meeting of each year. This budget draft shall be presented to the board at the December board meeting for discussion and approval in time to begin the new fiscal year in January and to continue each year thereafter

•Maintain complete records, including copies of checks, bills, receipts, reports and other documents and provide them upon request by a member of the board or the audit committee. The documents shall also be provided to the Treasurer's successor

•Provide board-approved advance monies for expenditures in advance of a receipt

•Work closely with the President, Secretary and Treasurer

•Maintain balance sheets on each revenue producing project

•File annual reports to Georgia Department of Revenue-sale tax (by January 20th of each year)

•File yearly return with IRS (e-postcard)

•Maintain list of passwords and user names related to duties of treasurer

•Renew PO Box every year and check box weekly

•Monitor Pay Pal account for deposit activity

•Help at check-in table at membership meetings

•Serve as a member

•Back up Vice President of Website and Social Media as need.


Vice President of Programs and Special Events

 The new incoming VP of Programs is responsible for the January project of their term, not the old VP of programs.

•Contact with the instructor and obtain a list of materials needed for participants

•Arrange for kits to be sold to participants by the instructor, if possible.

•Have available prior to each meeting, workshop sign-up lists and samples or photos of samples for upcoming workshops

•Prepare a flyer with a picture and materials list for each project and send to bead stores prior to upcoming meeting.

•Forward information on workshops to VP of Website

•Calculate workshop instructor payments (if required) and coordinate with Treasurer

•Coordinate special events such as competitions, classes with national instructors,

•Establish a special events committee to organize NGBS involvement in external bead-related functions

•Coordinate volunteer participation at special events

•Arrange special fundraisers to benefit the NGBS; jewelry sales, silent auctions, bead-caravans, program kits, vendor sales, etc.

•Serve as a member

•Back up Vice-President of Membership and Vendor Relations as needed.


The Vice President of Website and Social Media shall:

•Keep the NGBS web site up to date with information on meetings, membership, contact information, special events and workshops and other information as requested

•Respond to all website requests for information in a timely manner or direct requests or correspondence to the board for response.

•Establish and maintain face book page

•Maintain website address book with member’s email addresses

•Upon receipt of the newsletter from the President, send that document to the members, along with the project pattern for the next general meeting.

•Serve as a member

•Back up the Secretary as needed.