P.O. Box 2383, Cumming, GA 30028

Membership dues are $35.00 per person.  Members under the age of 18 are welcome, however they must be accompanied to the meetings by a dues paying member.  

Membership dues are paid through end of calendar year. Thereafter, membership of $35 will be due by the first of January of the following year.

Meetings are usually held at the Hampton Park Library in Cumming, GA 30041 on the third Sunday of every month from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Meeting locations and dates are subject to change based on the availability of the meeting venue; please check the website for current information.

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Please check any areas of interest you have:

     Bead weaving

     Bead knitting or crochet





     Polymer Clay

     Other ________________

What classes or techniques would you like to learn as a member of NGBS? _______________________


Would you be interested in teaching any bead-related projects and/or techniques? Please provide details


Please return completed form along with membership dues to: North Georgia Bead Society, P.O. Box 2383, Cumming, GA 30028, or bring it with you to the next meeting